Why "Open Content" and what does that mean?

The aim of RERoad is to increase knowledge about road transport and to raise awareness about road freight transport. It is therefore important to us to make it as easy as possible for you to use our teaching materials and to design the platform for as wide a range of users as possible.

Integration of the content into your classes is a central point and so is their adaptability to your teaching requirements. In this way, we are happy to to give you the opportunity to adapt the materials to your individual style, available time, the level of your target group and to set your own content priorities.

For this reason, most of our services are available under a Creative Common Name 4.0 International license. Hence, you can freely integrate all the teaching materials we produce into your lessons, adapt them to your requirements and pass them on to your students or other persons. All these materials are marked with this symbol . We simply ask you to leave the RERoad logo on the materials to help us increase awareness of RERoad and promote the integration of road freight transport topics in training and further education, which is so important to us.#

Only materials that we did not create, such as most films, are excluded from the license and therefore do not represent "Open Content".